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Our Professional and experienced lawyers in Bangkok, Thailand and another provinces can provide a help and advice on legal issues your face in Thailand. We are able to provide advice for your  family, your business in Thailand. 


If you need legal help, Hanana Legal is here to help you.

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Notary Public Services

Our Notary can notarise documents for both individuals and businesses, including passport, translation, powers of attorney, and all kind of international documents. No matter what nationality you are, when you are required to attest documents or to authenticate a signature to use in a foreign jurisdiction, we are always able to assist you.​​

Our lawyer help you to Legalize or Authenticate Your Documents at Consulate or Embassy in Bangkok on your behalf.


Our Lawyer will be able to work with Thai Ministry of Foreign Affair or any Embassy or Consulate in Bangkok on your behalf.
Sometimes only the notary stamp from Thai Notary is not sufficient, your documents might need to be legalised at Thai Ministry of Foreign Affair and the Embassy or Consulate where the documents will be used.
We can handle all these steps for you.

ทนายความของเราจะสามารถทำงานกับกระทรวงการต่างประเทศไทยหรือสถานทูตหรือสถานกงสุลในกรุงเทพมหานครในนามของคุณ เราสามารถจัดการขั้นตอนเหล่านี้ให้คุณได้

Hanana Legal Servvices makes it easy for foreign entrepreneurs and established businesses to start their company in Thailand. With our complete company registration services, you can have your Thai business registered from a single convenient place in as fast as days.
1. BOI Company
2. Thai Limited Company
3. Thai Partnership
4. Thai Representative Office

We have a professional Team can handle all Thai svisa legal. Our team are familiar with materials and procedures required of different visas, and we can help customers review documents for different visa applications and provide feasible solution plans for problems arising from the application process.